Brent Berarducci from BlackLion Capital Mgmt. on the Economy

Ricochet’s favorite Navy Fighter Pilot, @BrentB67 joins this week’s Whiskey Politics podcast to discuss the current economy. Brent Berarducci of BlackLion Capital Management shares his unique and timely perspective as we talk about the trend towards populism, the U.S. debt, trade protectionism, and just what the heck is happening in Saudi Arabia, anyway?

Listen here, at or subscribe at iTunes, Stitcher or GooglePlay. Your 5-star rating is greatly appreciated! Intro: Little Green Bag – George Baker Selection. Out: Lawyers, Guns and Money – Warren Zevon.


Don’t be afraid to see what you see. – Ronald Reagan

  • Liz Dunn

    I couldn’t agree more with Brent’s comment that it is imperative to roll up your sleeves and do the homework yourself.

    Just can’t emphasize this enough. I, too, dropped WSJ subscription; read IBD but focus upon two uniquely diverse elements: the prospectuses of individual businesses, upcoming contractual agreements and mergers and yes, pop culture. Market investments have changed dramatically because there are so many other influences affecting NASDAQ than ever before.

    To prove my point, one of the best stock tips I ever received came from Kim Kardashian’s obsessive use of SNAP ; when it went public, I bit despite the dismal financials. It was a day trade only but made me $6k in 6 hours.)

    I’m a believer in tech stocks so if my old pal Brent is up for a post, I’d love to hear him riff on this segment of the market.